Since the release of the new Lightweight view for the MSDN Library, we’ve been hard at work on a number of enhancements to the organization and presentation of the .NET Framework 4 reference library material. 

We’ve just released an early preview of those changes and would love to get your feedback as a part of polishing them for final release.  

  • To help you navigate the breadth of the .NET Framework 4 more easily, we’ve collected many of the namespaces into namespace groups and re-arranged the lists to bring the more popular System.* namespaces to the top of the list.  (Class Library Reference example)
  • To give you a more complete and unified view of each class and its capabilities, we’ve added a list of all class members to each class page (effectively combining the class and members pages).  (Button Class example)
  • Based on usability research results and feedback about which information is most useful, we’ve moved elements like code examples and inheritance hierarchy up to the top of the page.  (Date.Time.Subtract Method example)

Please note: The preview site is only intended to preview these new ideas.  It is not a fully functional version of MSDN.  Clicking on links to content outside the .NET Framework 4 Class Library (including any of the high-level MSDN areas in the top navigation bar) is likely to yield unexpected results.  Similarly, site functionality such as Search and Community Content are not constrained to the preview site and are likely to lead you back to the full MSDN site or to other unexpected experiences.

To help you stay ‘in bounds’ for this preview, we’ve created a simple survey that will lead you through examples of the changes and ask you a few questions about your reaction to them.  It should take only about 15 minutes to explore the preview and complete the survey.

Please go to before June 30 and let us know what you think!