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May, 2010

  • Kyle McClellan

    RIA Services using https

    Support for https has been part of WCF RIA Services for a while now, but most of the early posts we did have been lost. In celebration of the V1 release, I’m resurrecting a guide on using https. In short, you have two options using https. On one hand...
  • Kyle McClellan

    RIA Services and Windows Live ID

    There is a new Authentication Sample that shows how to use RIA Services with Windows Live ID (WLID). It’s a little more complex than the others, so I thought it was worth discussing some of the interesting features. First, the sample opens another window...
  • Kyle McClellan

    RIA Services Authentication Out-Of-Browser

    RIA Services does not support Out-Of-Browser (OOB) Forms authentication using the Client networking stack out of the box. The Client stack is often recommend for OOB scenarios as it provides a greater level of control over requests. The reason authentication...
  • Kyle McClellan

    Using ASP.NET Membership in Silverlight

    The Authentication support in RIA Services uses ASP.NET Membership, Roles, and Profile support by default. While this provides a lot of power, flexibility, and interoperability, it may also leave you wondering “How do I use ASP.NET Membership in Silverlight...
  • Kyle McClellan

    Authorization Sample 201

    The attached properties described in Authorization 101 will get you going. It may even be a long time before you need more. If you find yourself chafing at the limits, though, then this section is for you. It works through some of first customization...
  • Kyle McClellan

    Authorization Sample 101

    This is an introduction to the Authorization Sample for RIA Services . Authorization is implemented using attached properties. This means you can mark nearly everything in your xaml files with Authorization properties. In most cases, elements will be...
  • Kyle McClellan

    Silverlight Authorization Sample

    There have been a lot of questions recently about how to write authorization-enabled UI in Silverlight. We’ve always floated suggestions from the RIA Services team, but never put something concrete together. I decided to take some of those ideas and run...
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