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June, 2010

  • Kyle McClellan

    Silverlight ComboBox Sample for RIA Services

    I’ve been intending to write a sample using the ComboBox for a while. The more familiar you get with Silverlight, the more you realize the ComboBox causes all sorts of problems. I have mixed feelings about the proliferation of posts I’ve seen on this...
  • Kyle McClellan

    RIA and SQL Azure

    In my first post on RIA and Azure , I showed how to create and modify a RIA business application to run on Windows Azure. In this post, I will cover roughly the same thing but I’ll adjust some of the steps to get the application running using both Windows...
  • Kyle McClellan

    RIA, Azure, and IntelliTrace

    IntelliTrace is not supported for the RIA Services framework. There is currently a bug in Visual Studio 2010 IntelliTrace that leads to a runtime exception if RIA Services is instrumented to record call information. Since this is the default tracing option...
  • Kyle McClellan

    RIA and Windows Azure

    Earlier this week it was announced that Windows Azure now supports .NET 4. I figured a few of you would want to know how you could write a RIA Services application that ran on the cloud, so I thought I’d put something simple together to get you started...
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