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November, 2010

  • Kyle McClellan

    Windows Azure Table Storage LINQ Support

    Windows Azure Table storage has minimal support for LINQ queries. They support a few key operations, but a majority of the operators are unsupported. For RIA developers used to Entity Framework development, this is a significant difference. I wanted to...
  • Kyle McClellan

    Windows Azure Table PartitionKey Options for TableDomainServices

    There are three primary strategies when it comes to partitioning entities across Windows Azure Table Storage. You can: Put everything in the same partition Put everything in different partitions Put things in two or more specific partitions A full discussion...
  • Kyle McClellan

    Azure Table Storage Associations with RIA Services

    For this post, I’ll assume you read my intro to Windows Azure Table Storage . If not, take a second to read it. This time around I’m skipping past the contextualizing. In my first entry, I showed how to get a simple entity all the way from Table Storage...
  • Kyle McClellan

    Silverlight TV: RIA Services Q & A

    John and I went through four questions we see frequently on the WCF RIA Services forum . Here’s our episode and some notes to go along with it. Silverlight TV: Episode 52 How do I investigate exceptions thrown from my DomainContext? If you’ve been using...
  • Kyle McClellan

    How to change the request timeout for WCF RIA Services

    My teammate, Jason Cooke, put together this great article on changing the timeout in RIA Services. Hope you find it helpful. Change Timeouts for WCF RIA Services WCF RIA Services specifies default timeouts for its endpoints, so you can be sure that all...
  • Kyle McClellan

    Using the Visual Studio Async CTP with RIA Services

    I’ve been excited about this CTP for quite a while now and it’s great to finally have a chance to play with it. Way back in early RIA days we had a number of conversations with the TPL (Task Parallel Library) folks to see if we could use Task<T>...
  • Kyle McClellan

    Silverlight ComboBox Frequently Asked Questions

    I’ve wanted to do a follow up to my original ComboBox post for a while now. I answered a number of the questions throughout the comments, but I thought I’d gather all the answers up and add some nice code samples. Hope this helps. How do I use a ComboBox...
  • Kyle McClellan

    RIA Services and Windows Azure Table Storage

    We worked right up to the deadline, but I’m happy to say we got a preview of RIA support for Windows Azure Table Storage into the October Toolkit release (that coincides with the SP1 Beta release ). You could integrate with table storage previously, but...
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