I need to ask a favor of all my regular readers out there (*crickets*). I often hear stories along the lines of “I use the DomainService Wizard to generate my DomainService. Then I make tiny changes to the generated code or metadata and may move it or split it into separate files. Later, when I update my database, I re-run the DomainService Wizard to re-generate my DomainService and manually merge the newly generated service with the old one.”

So my question is this: “What problem are you solving?”

I think we can all admit any solution where one of the steps is “manually merge” is sub-optimal. This is something I want to fix. If you’ll oblige me, I’d love to hear what you’re doing and why you’re doing it (as a bonus, responding to this post makes it much more likely I’ll address your scenario).

Feel free to add a short comment with your thoughts or email me directly. Thanks.