As you may have noticed, the design of the blog has changed. Primary motivation of this redesign is to switch to a neutral white background which is best suited for the screenshots as well as reading longer text. Another is to give a touch of branding.


The header uses signature colors of the Visual Studio brand, which in turn simply employs these primary and complementary Microsoft brand colors.

The primary background for the Visual Studio identity system consists of two elements: the primary color gradient and the white particle wave. Each of these elements may be used independently, but the combination of the two is the preferred background for Visual Studio brand communications.

The white particle wave is a flexible, infinite grid of translucent white dots that evokes the integrated nature and functionality of Visual Studio. Its dynamic, flowing shape is maximized to create an inspirational visual metaphor for the millions who make up the developer community.

The timeline in header depicts the evolution of technology in general - right from ancient abacus, punch cards and tapes of yester years, to PC and explosion of web, all the way to the next big thing 'virtualization'. The layout is optimized to give more space and visual prominence to blog posts and relatively less to navigation links.


We hope you will enjoy the new design.