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Page 23 Meme

Page 23 Meme

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Me to!

So the meme works like this:

     Grab the nearest book. Open the book to page 23. Find the fifth sentence. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

Ok, here goes:

Kirk realized that his M-80 was running low on amunition, but the plague survivors kept on coming - if he didn't find more amunition, his post would be overrun.

From: “Survivors: Warriors in the post-apocalyptic future“ by Rick Redman.



  • Alas, my two nearest books are a Japanese/Russian dictionary and the 3rd edition of Stroustrup’s New Testament :)

    I remember my mother and sister telling fortune by opening a random book at a random page and reading a random sentence.
  • Funny. More for you then for me...

    "Of course, I can still understand my boss' point of view"

    Albert Camus, The Outsider (Penguin Classic edition)
  • I was just getting tired of all the Page 23 meme posts on, so I figured I'd write one of my own.

    I was reading all those posts about the technical books they had near them and thought: "Hey, what if the nearest book was a total potboiler?".

    And the next thing I knew....

    V1 was better, but it was only suitable for an HR free zone, and isn't HR free.
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