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What's Larry doing this weekend?

What's Larry doing this weekend?

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This weekend, my family and I are participating in Seattle Children’s Theater’s  “Play in a Day” program. 

Basically we’ll arrive at SCT at 1:00PM, and we’ll start working with director Don Fleming  on creating a new play.

At 4:30PM we’ll go on stage live in the Eve Alvord in our newly created play!

We last did this two years ago, performing in a Fairy Tale, and it was an absolutely huge amount of fun for everyone involved (I played the insecure son clutching his teddy bear).

This year’s production will be a Pirate Tale; I can’t wait to see what we came up with.  Whatever it is, it’ll be fun.

If anyone wants to come see Larry make a fool of himself, as I mentioned, the show’s going to be on at 4:30PM at the Eve Alvord theater.  Directions can be found here.


  • Are you practicing your "Arg!"

    Perhaps we should find someone with a crocodile we could borrow? A clock with a loud tick? Perhaps a reading of "Pirate McGrew and his Pirate Crew"?

    Hmmm, maybe an emergency call to Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom? That would generate an audience :-)
  • Yes Dear, I am :)

    Ooh, Orlando - that WOULD get them into the audience.
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