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I need to apologize

I need to apologize

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Sorry about leaving things hanging, I'm currently on vacation, that's why the 'blog's not been updated.

I'll be back on Monday the 29th and continue where things left off.


  • What's this "vacation" crap? Get back to work, you slacker.
  • Happy holidays! :-)
  • Have a good time.
  • > I need to apologize

    No you don't. You don't need to apologize for being teased. You already announced the end of style and it ended. Run with it. ^u^
  • How come Raymond gets more holidays than you?
  • It's because Raymond takes his vacations, I just let them pile up (and expire).
  • How many do you get. The minimun in Australia is 4 weeks. That pretty much the max as well though some shift workers may get 5 or 6.

    We hear that yankees only get 2 weeks.

  • Does Soundblaster support in NTVDM fall under Windows Audio. If so what can you say about it.

    The suggestion box is closed.
  • You get 5 weeks starting at 12 years of seniority, IIRC.

    And SB in NTVDM isn't my area, that's 100% in the NTVDM code (it's virtualized before I get it).

    I'll fix the suggestion box.
  • Do you get paid for your leave when it expires? Or is it gone for good? I'm no labour expert, but from what I hear from our HR dept, here in South Africa your leave can't expire, and for some strange reason you can't cash it in, unless you leave the company. You are, however, strongly encouraged to take leave frequently.
  • Beuges, if your leave expires, it's gone for good.
  • So take your leave before your leave is taken!
  • I, of course, agree wholeheartedly that Larry should take all the leave he has coming to him. There's tons of work to be done at home that is just waiting for him to take vacation time. Of course, perhaps that's why he doesn't take much vacation time....

    Then again, I do the same thing so I can't really blame him in the least.

    I have to admit, Microsoft's flextime is a wonderful thing. It's so helpful and comforting to know that if I need Larry to do something in the middle of the day, he can usually figure out a way and the time to do it. I do have to remind him, and remind him, and remind him, but I never nag :-)
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