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Microsoft Anti-Spyware

Microsoft Anti-Spyware

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I don't normally do "Me Too" posts, and I know that this one will get a lot of coverage on the Microsoft blogs, but the Seattle PI blog just mentioned that the beta of Microsoft's new anti-spyware solution was just released to the web here.

I installed it on my machines at work yesterday, and it seems pretty nice so far.  Of course I didn't have any spyware for it to find (because I'm pretty darned careful, and run as a limited user), but...  It'll be interesting to run it at home, especially since Valorie (and I) like playing some of the online games (like Popcap's) that get singled out as being spyware by some tools.


I have no knowledge of their final product plans, so it's pointless to ask.  All I know about this is what I've read in the press.


  • I repeat as I didn't put my name in:

    And I think MSFT move into AntiSpyware/AntiVirus market is completely outrageous thing to do and will eventually will cause AntiTrust case to be back in a couple of years.
    MSFT is just writing: “please sue me”…
    This is absolutely out of control!: the same company first creates security holes and then fixes them… Ever lived in socialism? I did…
    Amazing, and only in America!
  • Not to say that MSFT was in such a hurry that they didn't even have time to consider removing Giant from filenames at least...
    Not to mention GIANT from windows class names...
    Not to mention rewriting all that BS: since when we have system software from Microsoft wriiten and dependent on VB?
    Not to mention that they at least could off protect that BS from simple type of attacks:
    just FindWindow(NULL, "Giant AntiSpyware Service") and send WM_CLOSE to it --> the whole service is gone --> what a BS!!!

  • Anyway, you guys install that AntiSpyware and in a month or so there will be at least 20 security alerts about it... And then we will get something else for free from MSFT... and in 2-3 years after Symantec, McAfee and other real ones are dead... Microsoft will come up with verison 7 of AntiSpywarem, but this time it will not be free and you have to pay...
    As to me: I've already removed it -- enough...
  • I ran into all kinds of strange problems. This is really the first time that I have a major issue with MS software.
    I can't even go to the website where I downloaded it from, to check the faq's. The window in which I open the page, closes when it wants to go to that page.
    Also, the help and support feature in XP doesn't work anymore. I click the link in my start menu and it just doesn't come up. On my logitech wireless keyboard I have to reset my buttons every time I restart. The restore points don't work even and all kinds of strange processes start when I start up/use XP. I'm so bummed out by this...anyone has a clue to share with me? Thx!
  • i installed this app, it's good but it keeps trying to reinstall itself at start-up. Does anyone else have this problem? If so does anyone know how to clear it up?
  • Just a comment:

    While I too find it a bit ironic that MS would also supply a anti-spyware tool considering they wrote the OS, I have to say they know the ins-n-outs of Windows and can get at all the nooks and crannies where this crap lives and festers.

    Then IMO so be it. IF it actually does work better than the other 3rd party tools. Otherwise, yeah, they are just asking for trouble from the Feds ...
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