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New "Iron Man" Microsoft Blogger

New "Iron Man" Microsoft Blogger

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I haven't mentioned it before, but one of my must-read blogs is Michael Kaplan's.  His blog (here) has been consistantly fascinating reading.

Michael's the lead on the globalization team here in Windows, he's the wizard when it comes to internationalization issues.

Everything he's posted has been insightful and relevant, I've REALLY been enjoying reading his stuff.

It's absolutely worth checking out, especially if internationalization issues fascinate you.


  • What's a blogging N00b to do? :-)

    Between MikeG.1 and Raymond and you, I am out-intelligenced by a factor of 5, at least.

    Thanks for the kind words, in any case. Oh, and a [late] happy anniversary, too.
  • What to do? Get to back work! ;-)

    Although I am dismayed your blog seems to focus on largely on fonts when even managing a date that is not M/D/Y is often problematic in most MS products I have wrassled with!

    I suspect its akin to the problem of NASA insisting something is x meters from somewhere else so I just sigh and move right along.

    Cheers, Frank.

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