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More surrealism

More surrealism

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So I'm in a training course this afternoon. And the guy in front of me is surfing the web on his tablet.

And I noticed what was on his screen...


Very, very wierd.  I doubt he even realized that I was behind him.


  • It's true! I was sitting next to Larry at the time.

    Actually the meeting is still going on (maybe we should be paying more attention to it...)

    - adam
  • Hey, it was your idea to blog this :)
  • So did the guy in front notice the updated blog and look behind to find you?
  • That is really cool, and weird at the same time.

    I wonder if he did see it update. How weird is that.

    "Oh, Larry just published a new entry. Who's the idiot that doesn't see Larry Osterman sitting behind him".
  • Hey it's even more weird - it was me with my tablet and I knew (channel9 video) that you were behind me!! -:)
  • DonnyBoy,
    I wasn't sure :) As I said, it was very wierd.

    And you left before I could ask :)

    Btw, what'd you think of the class?
  • Why can't programmers spell? On purely evolutionary grounds I would have thought than an inability to see patterns of characters would decrease fitness in this field.
    Or is the defect associated with improved skills in other areas? [eg. diabetes ==> resistance to starvation, sickle-cell ==> resistance to malaria]
  • Larry, you have a great blog of interesting low-level stuff. Perhaps there are others on this site, but hard-ish to find.
  • You know I wonder how many people in Training Classes today turned around to see if you were behind them Larry.
  • Programmers can't spell because the compiler will point their misspells out. If you make a mistake you know it right away because your code won't compile, so after while you stop paying attention to it.
  • Ok. So how many people turned around and looked behind you after reading this? :)
  • Wow. This little story actually inspires to *start* a blog... Thanks for sharing.
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