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Microsoft Careers - Meet Our People: Larry

Microsoft Careers - Meet Our People: Larry

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Dare and KC have already mentioned this, but...

They've just updated the Microsoft Careers "Meet our People" website with about a dozen new people.

Someone (I have absolutely no idea who) suggested that I'd make a good addition to the page, so there's my shining mug up there.  I think it's cool that they clipped off the top of my head so it makes me look like I have more hair than I really do :)

I'm actually tickled that someone thought to include me, it was pretty cool - basically I met with a photographer and a PR person in one of the Microsoft buildings, we spent about an hour taking photos.  Later on, I had a phone interview with a tech writer, and later on I edited the "transcript" of the interview.

I'll be honest and say that the quotes are somewhat more "HR-ish" than what I actually said, but they're sufficiently close as makes no difference.  And they're much better than the first version (especially the "Opening Doors" response - that one sounded nothing like me in the original version).

The whole process was SO much fun :)

And about the jello story.  The tug of war was a result of a bet between management and development about resolving bugs, not between dev and test - it's a nit, but...


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