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My New Monitor's Here! My New Monitor's Here!

My New Monitor's Here! My New Monitor's Here!

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With apologies to Steve Martin.

I just got my new monitor (after the whole Office Move thingy I decided I didn't want to move the big monitors again).  It's a Del 2001FP which does 1600x1200 natively.

Oh man, I don't know WHAT I was thinking of in waiting to get this puppy.  I have a 2001FP at home on my home machine, but I hadn't realized just how nice it was as a work monitor.

This is one SWEET monitor.  It's SO crisp.


Now all I need to do is to figure out how I can justify a second :)


  • I also have a Dell 2001FP and "sweet" is exactly right. As for getting two of them... I'm pondering getting a new video card that does portrait, which I think would be nice for coding (not that my functions are all that long...). Imagine two of these bad boys side-by-side in portrait mode. :)
  • Being the window manager architect is usually the best way to get multiple monitor setups. :) Lots of them. :)
  • Only one? I use two Viewsonic VP201Bs, each 1600x1200 off a X300 card. Two (3200x1200) is definitely better than on.

    Of course, what I really want is two 1920x1538 monitors...
  • Honestly, I have no idea how I ever coded with only one monitor. Having the spec open on one while coding on the other is the ONLY way to go for me anymore.
  • I've used dual monitors for about 4 years now. But the difference the flat screen makes is amazing.
  • Just keep giving me reasons to hate you Larry =)

    I have a 19" ViewSonic CRT. I like the idea of duel but as I do a lot of gaming it would more than likely break stuff (plus I don't have the room on the desk).
  • Manip, it cost like $620 or so for the monitor. I was really surprised at how cheap it was.

    At work, it replaced a Multisync FE1250, at home, it replaced an IIYAMA 19 inch CRT.

    Btw, I'll whole heartedly endorse the IIYAMA CRTs - they're REALLY quite nice.
  • $620? Might have well be $620,000 *student*. :)
  • > Now all I need to do is to figure out how I
    > can justify a second :)

    You can't. The longest waiting period that you can justify is 55ms.

    > Btw, I'll whole heartedly endorse the IIYAMA
    > CRTs - they're REALLY quite nice.

    Want any used ones? Around 2,000 to 4,000 yen per used CRT monitor (including Iiyama). Though if you're in the right place at the right time, you might find someone willing to pay you a few hundred yen to take it off their hands, so they don't have to take it to a store and pay a recycling fee to get rid of it.
  • You definitely want a second 2001FP Larry. I had a 2001FP with a 21" Sony CRT and eventually decided I wanted some desktop space back so ordered another 2001fp, now you couldn't get me to go back. Simply amazing. I am now trying to figure out if I can get a third to fit in the space.
  • You need a second because these things are better set up *vertically*.

    I've got two vertically, and I love it. It is completely amazing how many lines of code fit on those things when you rotate them.

    The other reason you need two? All Fog Creek summer interns are issued two Dell 2001FPs. Do you want to say that 21 year old kids on summer internships have a better setup than 20 year a Microsoft vet?

    all the best, Joel
  • Joel,
    Apparently, yes.

    One thing to keep in mind about me is that I don't like asking for new things because I have a huge degree of "new toy lust". And, because lust is a sin, I actively work to stifle that lust (j/k on that one).

    But the reality is that I just don't like bothering other people. And asking for things like new toys (hardware) seems somehow "rude".

    It's a personal failing. Gordon Letwin (who was, in many ways, my first mentor) used to take me to task for settling for the tools I had instead of asking for the tools that would let me do my job better.

    But I was happy with the FE1250 - if it wasn't until I realized how heavy it was that I started looking for something better.

    This is also why my laptop's a 4 year old Dell C510 - it's good enough for my needs, so why upgrade?

    And why my office stereo is a 15 year old Yamaha YST-C10.

    And why I did all my computer gaming on a 5 year old 1gHz P2 machine (until last year when Daniel and I splurged and got new computers).

    I love new toys, I just don't feel comfortable spending the money for them :)
  • Bang bang.... he hates CRTs ...bang bang... more CRTs!!
  • Now all you still need is a new keyboard:

  • Uwe,
    Blanks are fine, but my latent tendonitis will turn into full fledged carpal tunnel if I go back to a flat keyboard.

    I'm a hunchbacked keyboard addict at this point.

    The only reason I don't have carpal tunnel is because of (a) karate/tai chi and (b) the rounded keyboard. Mostly the Karate but the keyboard's important too.
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