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My office guest chair

My office guest chair

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Adam writes about his office guest chair.

Microsoft's a big company, and, like all big company has all sorts of silly rules of what you can have in your office.   One of them is that for office furniture, you get:

  1. A desk chair
  2. One PED (sort of a mobile filing cabinet)
  3. One curved desk piece (we have modular desk pieces with adjustable heights)
  4. One short straight desk piece
  5. One long straight desk piece
  6. One white board
  7. One cork board
  8. One or two hanging book shelves with THREE shelves (not 4)
  9. One guest chair.

If you're a manager, you can get a round table as well (presumably to have discussions at).

In my case, most of my office stuff is pretty stock - except I got my manager to requisition a round table for his office for me (he already had one).  I use it to hold my manipulative puzzles.  I also have two PEDs

But I'm most proud of my guest chair.  I have two of them.  One's the standard Microsoft guest chair.  But the other one's special.  You see, it comes from the original Microsoft campus at 10700 Northup Way, and is at least 20 years old.

I don't think that it's the original chair I had in my original office way back then - that was lost during one of my moves, but I found the exact match for the chair in a conference room the day after the move and "liberated" it. 

But I've had this particular chair since at least 1988 or so.  The movers have dutifly moved it with me every time.

Daniel loves it when he comes to my office since it's comfy - it's padded and the standard guest chairs aren't.

Edit: Someone asked me to include a picture of the chair:

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