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So apparently there's a "football" game going on this weekend?

So apparently there's a "football" game going on this weekend?

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I thought we were done with football this year, but apparently not :)


Actually, this Superbowl is somewhat problematic for me.  I grew up in Albany, NY, which has absolutely no professional sports teams at all.  So I never really understood the whole "fandom" thing.  Yeah, there were the Jets and the Giants, and the Mets and Yankees, but they were all over a hundred miles away, so weren't particularly relevant to me.

Then I got to Pittsburgh, in the fall of 1980.  The Steelers had just won four Superbowls in a row, and the town was hot with the "One for the Thumb in '81" slogan.  I had never seen such a sports induced furvor, it was quite amazing to me.  Slowly, I began to become a fan of the Steelers (even though they didn't do particularly well in the early 80's).

Then I moved to Seattle, with the Sonics, Seahawks and Mariners.  Ok the Mariners were a joke, but the Seahawks were doing pretty darned well under Chuck Knox, and the Sonics were decent teams.

Over time, I began to learn to love the Mariners, and the Seahawks sucked more and more (the Nordstrom family sold the team to a guy from California, who didn't really want to own the team, so...).


Fast Forward to 2006, and look what's happening: It's the Seahawks and the Steelers.



Well, at least I finally will be watching a Superbowl for something other than the ads :).

Go <Insert Team Here>!!!!!!!


  • Don't worry. It's not really a game because it's just the Seahawks
  • Having grown up in Green Bay, WI, I'm at the opposite end of the spectrum--cheese head and all. On any given Sunday during the football season, you're likely to see me rooting for two teams: the Green Bay Packers and which ever team is playing the Chicago Bears.

    Which leads me to pick a nit: the Steelers have not ever won four superbowls in a row. They won two in 1975 and 1976, then won two more in 1979 and 1980. No team has ever won more than two superbowls in a row, though there's a strong likelihood that the Green Bay Packers would have won three in a row had the first superbowl been held a year earlier. By the time SuperBowl II was played, the Packers had won three NFL championships in a row.
  • Do me a favor and keep a tight grip on your Steeler fandom (which is suspect if you think they won "four in a row"). I am a western Pennsylvania expatriate, and trust me, we have nothing else going for us around there but the "Stillers."
  • seeeeachickens :-P
  • I have a similar quandry as to who I should cheer for. I live near Pittsburgh, but I spend my summers in Redmond as an intern, so I fully intend on being a Seahawks fan eventually. :-)
  • Hey Moose: Piksberg Squealers.

    Nya Nya Nya :)
  • The only big football game this weekend was Chelsea/Liverpool. Or England/Wales if you're Welsh. Or...
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