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It was a dark and stormy last night

It was a dark and stormy last night

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It was a dark and stormy night...  The band of infiltrators crept into the deserted building.  After checking to make sure that the authorities weren't present, they crept up to the sixth floor.  At this point, they were committed, there was no going back.  Their leader laid out the plans.  At 2300 hours they were to launch the projectiles at their target.  Tension built as the time approached.  Their plans had been set, the shields were in place to ensure maximum coverage.  Wearing a helmet and shield, their leader fearlessly stood anticipating the onslaught.  At the appointed time, the balls were released and they cascaded down the staircase, bouncedy, bouncedy, bouncdey.



Ok, it wasn't stormy (the stars were out), and it wasn't particularly dark (especially with the building exterior lighting), mostly we showed up in our cars and badged ourselves into the building, and the cleaning crew was wandering the halls, there was copious beer and sandwiches for everyone, and Dave had made t-shirts for everyone, but who's counting...  It also wasn't particularly a "prank", but was more of a "stunt", since we cleaned up after ourselves :)


Last night, (as mentioned in this video) a bunch of miscreants found their way to the top of the building 41 main staircase, and proceeded to toss 20,000 bouncy balls down the stairwell.  As I mentioned, Dave decided to stand right in front of us watching as the balls were thrown off, after we started pelting him a bit, he decided that he needed some head protection, so he grabbed a spare bucket (that's where we put the bouncy balls), cut an eye hole in it, and stood there while we dumped thousands and thousands of bouncy balls down on him.

It was awesome.

Later on, we dumped a thousand or so balls we'd reserved directly over the side, I was near the bottom of the stairwell when that happened, it was pretty trippy watching the balls come on down.


Being good little boys, we then spent the next hour or so cleaning up the mess we'd made, I had broom duty, so I was pushing hundreds of bouncy balls down the stair landings (there was a crew with a shopvac behind me picking up the stuff I missed).  It was great watching the balls gracefully cascade down the stairs.


PS: Now you know why I'm not planning on leaving my day job.  I can't write prose.

PPS: Yes, I know about the Sony Braviaa ad, and it was just like being in the middle of the ad.  But Dave had the idea long before the ad ran.