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Paddington Thoughts

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The other day, I mentioned I got sucked off on a high priority project shortly after I returned from my vacation.  I was asked to help out with the EU protocol documentation effort, working on a couple of the documents (based on some stuff I did back when I worked in the Lan Manager group).

I'm pretty darned proud of the work that the people on the documentation team have done - the specifications that were produced are really quite impressive.


But what most impressed me the most was the amount of work that the people working on this project have spent on it - I just got roped in to help with the final push, but some of those people have been working 16 hours a day, 7 days a week for months and months on this stuff. 

The level of dedication to this project that I saw was as much or more than I've seen on ANY other Microsoft project.  These guys figuratively worked their fingers to the bone typing up documents - countless late hours spread across the entire team.

In particular, the work of Henry Sanders, Iain McDonald, and several others was absolutely heroic.  Henry personally reviewed and provided technical feedback on every single specification that was submitted to the EU.  For the specification I wrote, there's no way that it couldn't have been completed without Henry's insightful comments and the invaluable help of David Kruse (he's the guy who's currently responsible for networking code I wrote back when I was on the NT networking group), and of course Veronica Skeels who made all the words I wrote look professional.

I'm not going to say one word about the politics of the EU documentation work, I just want to recognize the truly remarkable work and the heroic effort that was done on the project.


  • > "16 hours a day, 7 days a week"

    Politics aside, and as a very small MSFT shareholder, I find it difficult to believe that the company could not spend the money for a few additional staff to reduce this from a deathmarch to, say, a really tough mountain training mission.
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