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The New Sounds are here!!!

The New Sounds are here!!!

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I don't usually do "Me Too", but I just had to share this.  James Senior has released a short podcast with the new Vista sound scheme!


It's super awesome :)


Check it out here!

  • Via Larry Osterman's blog I found the new sounds that will play in the RTM builds of Windows Vista. Up

  • I wondered whether you tend toward the geek or non-geek.  Now I know.  I can also see why I've never come up with a IPO worthy idea... sounds, schemes, video, audio... I just don't get the attraction... it's all so boring I can't imagine anyone caring - well, except for the "ooh, pretty colors" crowd.

  • I love the comments on that blog's entry.  Most people got it.  Some people have no sense of humor.  And King Crimson fans launch into diatribes scolding the author for not knowing who Robert Fripp is.

  • I pledge to you, the captive readers, not to "AutoForward" any product release without a very good explanation

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