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Resolution to my IE CTRL-D problem

Resolution to my IE CTRL-D problem

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A long time ago, I complained to the IE team on their blog:

So how do I disable the CTRL-D "add-to-favorites" behavior?  It's my one major objection to IE6.
The problem is that CTRL-D is also the "delete email" link, and I have my email on one monitor and IE on the other.  It's not always clear which window has the focus, so I get random pages added to my favorites when I don't want them.
It's a royal pain to delete a favorite (requires two clicks, and popup), I'd rather not get them in the first place.

The good news is that one of the leads on the IE team noticed my complaint and it appears that the IE7 guys fixed my problem!

Or rather, they mitigated it quite neatly.

Now, when you hit CTRL-D, you get:

I really like this solution - it keeps the CTRL-D favorite, but the user now gets to cancel out, which means that random pages don't show up as favorites.

Thanks guys!

  • Great. Now all you need is for the Outlook team to do the same so you don't accidentally delete emails when adding a site to your favourites.

  • To see which window has the focus, check the "close window" X button.  If the window has the focus, the button has a red background; otherwise, the button has the same background as the "maximize/restore" and "minimize" buttons.

  • For reference, this is what Firefox and Opera do when you hit Ctrl-D for this page:


    Opera 9.02:

    P.S. I would have tried making those links, but this blog software doesn't allow me to preview before submitting.

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