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A couple of weeks ago, Scott Hanselman stopped by my office, and we chatted for almost an hour for his Hanselminutes  podcast.


On Monday, he posted the interview - it's mostly me rambling on about security and other stuff, but my ego requires that I mention it :)

  • Larry,

    It's more than you babbling.  I think it's an awesome interview, especially the part about the different projects you've worked on in Microsoft.

    I really dig the historical perspective of why things were done.  Especially when phrases start with "Oh, it turns out to be more complicated than that..."  

    I wish I could sum up what I do in a simple sentence like "I make Window go 'ding'".  

  • Excellent show.

    It is appropriate that the audio quality of the interview is very high.

  • I always like your podcasts. Thanks for taking the time.

  • Doug: That's because Scott is a fanatic about his audio quality, and it shows.  We used real studio quality mikes and he recorded onto an M-Audio digital recorder.  Nice kit.

  • Larry,

    Would love to hear more podcasts from you. Scott and Carl Franklin should hook you up with a weekly podcast. I'd subscribe in a heart-beat. Just great.

  • I have listened to this interview three times now.

    The work you did with Vista is absolutely fascinating.

    I can hear in your voice how much you love your work.

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