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I'm So Excited!

I'm So Excited!

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'nuf said.



I know it's bragging, but I'm sorry - I really couldn't resist.  It's been a very long time.

  • Care to explain for the rest of us?  So far I can come up with the following explanations:


    <li>You have finally upgraded to Vista

    <li>Someone has retired and you get their alias hoping to reduce spam

    <li>You have written a dialog similar to profile lookup in Outlook

    <li>You now have a title of Principal Software Development Engineer (although Microsoft is advertising for a lot of those)

    <li>You have credentials for education (another interpretation of SDE)

    <li>You managed to get the government to remove your middle name/initial


  • Congratulations Larry! It is well deserved!

  • Wow. Congratumalations are in order!

  • Congratulations, well deserved! :)

  • Congratulations.

    (I'm going to take a guess regarding the alias: "loster".)

  • OK, so for those of us that don't know you so well...  Why is this exciting?  The "PRINCIPAL SDE" part?  Which translates to...?

  • I presume the bragging is the "Principal SDE" part, eh?  Promotion?  Congratulations, Larry!

  • Barry got it (not that it was a puzzle - I was intentionally obscure).  It's been about 20 years since I was last promoted, so it's been a while.  On Friday my title was "Senior SDE".

  • Congrats!

    What ballpark % of people are Principals?

  • Larry- what is a Principal SDE? Is this a Level 68+ SDE?

  • You just can't hide it.. you know, you know, you know you want to..

  • Holy cow!  I thought it was difficult to get a promotion at my company.  I hope I don't have to wait twenty years!

    Congratulations, Larry.

  • congratulations!... and what does that mean now that you are "principal SDE"?

  • > loster

    Actually it's LaOs. (Not really.)

  • Congrats Larry..

    by the way in my company we get promotions in around 3 years. Sad thing is there will hardly any difference in our before and after salary. They increase the % of some thing call variable pay which is always paid <100%. But, yes our title changes every three years.

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