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NextGenHacker101 owes me a new monitor

NextGenHacker101 owes me a new monitor

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Because I just got soda all over my current one…

One of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. 


And yes, I know that I’m being cruel here and I shouldn’t make fun of the kids ignorance, but he is SO proud of his new discovery and is so wrong in his interpretation of what actually is going on…




For my non net-savvy readers: The “tracert” command lists the route that packets take from the local computer to a remote computer.  So if I want to find out what path a packet takes from my computer to, I would issue “tracert”.  This can be extremely helpful when troubleshooting networking problems.  Unfortunately the young man in the video had a rather different opinion of what the command did.

  • I was laughing by "Tracer T", but when he got to "10 people are looking at Google right now", it became something otherworldly.

  • Did you see the AOL icon on his desktop?

  • OMG! Even my end-user wife is ROTFLHO

  • This is a great way to end the week.  I like how he says that he can't see the last 3 or 4 people on Google because they have faster connections than him.

    Not to mention the other videos where he shows you how to download change your clock by searching for "Free Desktop Clock" and that torrents are like street signs guiding you to your destination.  

  • I notice that his tracert command worked fine when he put "http://" before the hostname, but it fails on my computer (XPx64). Is this a change in NT5.2?

  • David: That's a really good question.  A number of people internally noticed this as well and they don't know how that worked.

  • I cant stop calling it tracer t now CURSE YOU!  It will be forever stuck in my brain.

  • It reminds me that I used to have a great deal of misconceptions about computers. I am now very grateful I did not publicise videos of any of them!

  • This reminds me of last week when I was hacking the gibson and discovered this server with all sorts of dodgy files on. I reported it to the police straight away! Whoever runs that is gonna be sorry!!

  • I believe the http:// worked because he's on roadrunner who do hijacking of unresolvable DNS entries.  The IP ( is RRs URL hijacking server, not google.

  • Wow.  Started funny, became painful.  

    I'm also not sure about using "" with tracert -- on both my XP x86 SP3 and Server 2008 R2 machines I get "Unable to resolve target system name".

    Gotta love YouTube "hacking" videos.  My favorite are probably the dozens that show you how to hack the Administrator account by running "C-M-D" and then executing the secret command "net user Administrator *".  OMG pwned! :)

  • David/Larry, the http:// works because his ISP is doing the DNS trick where they send him to their own servers when he tries to look up the nonexistent site.  It's trying to resolve "" as the hostname.  I'm sure he simply hasn't noticed that the results are the same no matter what site he types in.

  • That is freaking HILARIOUS, and it reeks of viral marketing.  I just can't quite tell what Burger King is selling this time.

    Maybe it's an ad for Wireshark or Angry IP Scanner.

    Poor kid.


  • NextGenHacker101 is his name.  Making real hackers wet themselves is his game.

    If that's the next generation of hackers, we're in good shape for the future of cybercrime.

  • I just know he's been leaving comments on Raymond's blog. Judging by the quality of some of them lately...

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