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NextGenHacker101 owes me a new monitor

NextGenHacker101 owes me a new monitor

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Because I just got soda all over my current one…

One of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. 


And yes, I know that I’m being cruel here and I shouldn’t make fun of the kids ignorance, but he is SO proud of his new discovery and is so wrong in his interpretation of what actually is going on…




For my non net-savvy readers: The “tracert” command lists the route that packets take from the local computer to a remote computer.  So if I want to find out what path a packet takes from my computer to, I would issue “tracert”.  This can be extremely helpful when troubleshooting networking problems.  Unfortunately the young man in the video had a rather different opinion of what the command did.

  • what a bellend...

  • > Would it be possible to add some additional parser to this kind of commands in Windows so programs like tracert filter them out?

    I sure hope not.  This kind of DWIMmery inevitably leads to grief; programs should fail when given invalid input, not "helpfully" try to guess what you meant.

  • I was waiting for a punchline!

  • You need an internet connection to connect to IP addresses?

    Me thinks hes using AOL still.... ass...

  • He has NO IDEA what tracert does..

    dllstx13 is his user name... LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what a jerk off...

  • is this for real? this kid thinks that's what this command does?

    he's been taking too many drugs.

  • Unix admin for 20+ years and was not aware of the information you could get from this. traceroute in Unix doesn't hold a candle to Tracer-T.

    How can anyone be sooo wrong in sooo many ways and still think they're right? Oh wait - American Idol!

  • @abadidea

    Before I turned 13, (long before, age 8 and up) I taught myself DOS, various menuing systems and GUIs for dos, Windows 3, Windows 95, started messing around with computer hardware (taking them apart, reusing cards in other pcs, that sort of stuff), was calling many local bulletin boards (BBSes) and had a reasonable idea of what was possible on the internet. A year or so later my parents finally decided to get a subscription at a local ISP and I was messing around with a free Linux shell account they provided as part of the service.

    This kid has a way to go; he can make videos, but apparently has no desire to actually check his research to verify that what he says, is actually what it is.

    Humor by way of idiocy: A+

    Actual ability to even fact-check: F

  • I guess I should mention, I was 13 in 1996.

  • You do realise that you guys got trolled by a 12 year old don't you?

  • Well, not semicolon, but that dot dot.

  • Well, you guys can laugh all you want, but that's how hackers are made... really.

  • To those who asked about the hostname in the tracert command (why a URL worked), he's on RoadRunner and using their DNS servers, you would end up getting redirected to a URL hijack system on their end that services requests for unresolvable hostnames.  Using normal DNS servers like many of us have, URL won't work, besides I'm sure the "dot dot" would freak it out.

  • Is this for real?  If not, is he making this up as he goes along?

  • NextGenHacker is cool, innocent :P. Gud luck buddy for your future buddy.

    Needless to say, I'll subscribe to your vids

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