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NextGenHacker101 owes me a new monitor

NextGenHacker101 owes me a new monitor

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Because I just got soda all over my current one…

One of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. 


And yes, I know that I’m being cruel here and I shouldn’t make fun of the kids ignorance, but he is SO proud of his new discovery and is so wrong in his interpretation of what actually is going on…




For my non net-savvy readers: The “tracert” command lists the route that packets take from the local computer to a remote computer.  So if I want to find out what path a packet takes from my computer to, I would issue “tracert”.  This can be extremely helpful when troubleshooting networking problems.  Unfortunately the young man in the video had a rather different opinion of what the command did.

  • lol, anyone know where to download Tracer t?

  • hahaha

    omg....  this was a joke right?

  • Wait, what?

    You mean that's not what it does?! Dang...

  • He had me at "Please subscribe" when you could see the AOL icon on his desktop. The "tracer T" and "I can't view these IPs because my connection isn't as good" comments just sent me to tears I was laughing so hard.

  • We've all been a naive preteen learning the internet, I also facepalmed while watching, makes me happy to know that I have come a long way.

  • This feels like a well executed and polished joke.  Maybe I am too cynical.  Don't get me wrong, it's FUNNY no matter what it is.  I'd appreciate it EVEN MORE as a clever form of entertainment.

  • It's a good laugh, but hey, he's a kid. He'lll find out sooner or later.

    Hell, when I was his age we didn't experiment on computers because they didn't exist yet.


    OK, I'm old.

  • *blinks* *blinks again*  hahahaha

  • Have you considered this kid may be laughing of you all taking him seriously? :-p That would really be a brilliant hack.

  • Way back when I was a 10 or 11 year old programming TRS80 BASIC my old man mentioned binary was faster. So I painstakingly translated my BASIC program into binary using an ASCII table in the back of one of the manuals.

    Dad was very nice, he looked at my hand-written 1s and 0s and said something that made me think it wasn't a waste of time.

    On the upside I did have a grasp of different bases from an early age.

  • Not knowing what tracert does is forgivable; most people out there don't know such things (though if you don't you probably shouldn't call yourself "NextGenHacker"). But even a kid who doesn't know anything about computers should know that Google has a lot more than 10 people viewing it at any given time. That's just pure common sense fail.

  • I am the average computer user. I don't know a thing about hacking. I use the almighty internetz for porn, piracy, and reading.

    But when this kid said there were 10 people viewing I felt so fucking insulted. KID IS DUMB

  • Oh dear. it does remind me of how stupid i used to be

    and also how my stepdad is with computers

    Tracer-T. who else says "tray-sert"?

  • Anyone else notice that he thought higher ping= faster connection speed?

  • wow.....i'm kind of offended by a hacker myself, i'm appalled at this kids stupidity.  he probably learned that on runescape. lol

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