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Not Invented Here’s take on software security

Not Invented Here’s take on software security

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One of my favorite web comics is Not Invented Here by Bill Barnes and Paul Southworth.  I started reading Bill’s stuff with his other web comic Unshelved (a librarian comic).


NIH is a web comic about software development and this week Bill and Paul have decided to take on software security…

Here’s Monday’s comic:

Not Invented Here strip for 2/15/2010


Check them out – Bill and Paul both have a good feel for how the industry actually works :).

  • Perhaps I am extra slow today, but someone will have to explain it.

  • Given an important advice for an organization lacking security.

  • Tanveer: The comic describes what often happens in organizations when a security bug is reported.  What makes it funny is the marketing droid (that's the robot) thinks that the product does have security because it has a prompt.

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