Exciting!!! I finally have a blog of my own, yeh! All the sudden, I can post my own thoughts and other cool things in my own “publication”. Since I have never felt that I would ever be a good enough writer to publish anything, this is just a such remarkable event.

Anyway, since this is my first blog. I guess that I will keep it short. For a while, I had a not-so-positive impression about having someone's personal and sometimes random thoughts online for the entire world. I used to think that who would care about someone else's thoughts afterall. However, after reading many people's blogs, I actually like the idea of recording one's own feeling and thoughts at a particular moment some place on World Wide Web. It is such a cool way to communicate and exchange ideas with people who are on the other side world (Probably 12 time zones different than mine!)

Since I never got used to write a long story about anything, I will take a break now!

P.S. I will also write some of my posts in Chinese in the future, let's see how popular this idea will go!!!