On August 26th, I have been working at Microsoft for 2 years. Actually it is kinda hard to believe that I have been here for so long and so short.

I would have to say it has been a pretty challenging and interesting journey so far to work at Microsoft. First of all, like everyone expected, I have learned so much in the past 2 years. Sometimes when I am talking to co-workers who are my age, we all surprised how far we came. However, the more I learn, the less I felt that I know, it is very frustrating. This is probably what this industry is all about, new technology comes and goes every day (maybe not every day).

After two years, I am glad that I made the desicion to go with MSDN team. Our team has been going through some exciting transformation for our customers, the products that will come out will be every exciting and should give our customer better experience.

Anyway, I just want to come back to update my status as a college hire. It has been great 2 years!