It's been a long day.  The tension around deliverables for PDC builds, and sometimes clashes with the enthusiasm and passion that everyone has for what they are doing.  Things get said, people react, more things get said, feelings get hurt and frustrations build.  For my part I'm sorry, and I said so. It takes time to build bridges where they've been washed out for a long time, especially when alternate modes of getting across the water have been found.  We all have good hearts and the best intentions, and we will get there.  One step at a time.  And PDC is going to be great.

Today I finished up the Infopath/Sharepoint project request form that I've been working on -- Duncan generously helped me with the last little bit of scripting that I just couldn't get, even though I had an instruction on what to do.  I'm excited to roll it out to the team, just need to finish up some process documentation. 

Tonight I was trying to catch up on my reading (I don't know why I try, it's really impossible, especially with the likes of Scoble and Marc Canter and Halley and the BBC and Fast Company and... not to mention all my MSDN pals) and I ran across the word "meme" in Lessig's blog.   I thought I had a basic idea of what it meant but I decided to look it up.  Wow.  I'm boggled. It's really too much for me after the day I've had.  Or maybe ever.  I clicked on the talk link, though, and scanned the discussion... I've been talking with some folks who are in a tech study group with me at MSDN about wikis -- I had a wiki space already so I set up some pages for the tech study group, but it's been really hard to get people to use it. Maybe it's just the too many inputs problem. Anyway, I may point them to this discussion, because it shows how things can evolve on a wiki... and of course wikipedia is a great example overall.  But I'm boggled by meme.  Or maybe I'm just boggled.

If anyone wants to point me to a sane and/or succinct discussion of meme, I'd greatly appreciate it. (After coffee in the morning ;-)