Today I signed up for CyberPrivacy, a seminar/discussion thing hosted on H2O out of Berkman

What, if any, information should be shielded from snoopy marketers, government agencies or database-keepers? Do individuals have a right of informational privacy that should be protected? If so, how? What sorts of information do we think should be shielded from others view, and why? Should the government be asked to create privacy rules that protect privacy interests? Or, should consumers be left to negotiate their own privacy protections? These are the sorts of questions the course will address.

The course will look at many contemporary instances in which new online technologies have increased the risk that intimate or private information about individuals can be collected, stored, sorted, manipulated, and disclosed. In addition, the course will examine the utility (or not) of current schemes to regulate these invasions in the name of privacy.

In addition to it being a topic I'm interested in, I'm excited to see how it works.  I'm often envious when I hear about lectures or events that go on at Berkman, so I'm looking forward to this opportunity to participate.