FOO camp sounds pretty amazing... and also unreal, really, to a peon like me ;-)  I've read several of the write-ups, and I'm intrigued by the way the sessions got organized (no surprise here).  A couple of people alluded to it, and Jeremy Zawodny was the most titillating with:


After dinner on Friday night, we were asked to gather upstairs to get things rolling. We did some introductions so that everyone had a [brief] chance to put names with faces. Then they brought in some very large grids (schedules) so that we could start filling in sessions. We had 1-hour time slots on Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday to fill.


Chaos ensued.


It was good chaos.


We managed to self-organize.


So what happened?  How did the chaos catalyze?  Are the sessions that got put up on the grids the sessions that really happened?  Did it change over the course of the weekend? Was there any pattern to the changes?  Was there voting?  Did strong personalities prevail? Did people volunteer to lead sessions or were they "nominated" or was it just obvious?  Were there surprises?


And in the end, was there any sort of wrap-up?  Lessons learned? 


I've seen the pictures here, but has anyone written about it?  If they have, and you're seen it, point me to it, would you please?  Or better yet, if you were there, find me at PDC and tell me all about it in exquisite detail. I'll buy the beers!

(Hey, no complaining, I told you right off that I was a process wonk.)