So far, as expected, I love my new Treo 600.  There are so many improvements in the user interface; you can easily get anything from anywhere, and you hardly have to use the touchscreen to do it.  And it feels good in my hand.  The keyboard is easier to use because the keys are raised, even though it's slightly smaller.  The screen is superb, and I love having a camera.  And almost everything came over from my 300 on my first Sync. The quick dial pages of the 300 have been replaced with favorites pages which can be used for quick dial (now with really speed dial, you can assign a key to a quick dial or shortcut and execute it by holding that key down) or launching applications or shortcuts to websites.  There are just for fun things, too, like being able to associate a picture with a contact, and when that person calls, the screen shows their picture.  Silly but fun.    So far the battery life seems good, and I've used the camera a lot. Oh!  And you can change the color scheme -- I, of course, have mine set to Plum ;-)  And did I mention that there's an SD slot.? I thought it was pretty cool that the camera automatically chooses the SD card if it's there (or maybe that's a setting.)  Call quality seems better too.