John Dowdell talks about the potential costs of blogging.  I'm finding this discussion particularly timely, as I'm following an internal discussion alias email thread about blogging at MS. Me, I'm not likely to blog about anything controversial because, well frankly, I'm not privy to much. But I do wonder on occasion "Should I blog about this?"  Like my posts about my Treo, for example.  There's a hard-to-see edge between okay, and not okay, and it's hard to see because it changes based on context.

John also quotes Andrew Sullivan: "Blogging is, indeed, a high-wire act. Looking back, I write about a quarter of a million words a year. The notion that I will not write something dumb, offensive or simply foolish from time to time is absurd. Of course I will. Writing is about being human. And blogging is perhaps one of the least protected, most human forms of writing we have yet discovered. It's like speaking on air, live. Yes, bloggers should take criticism. But they should be judged on the totality of their work, not their occasional screw-ups."

May we all be judged by the entirety of our words.