We're getting very very close to wrapping up (about time, I bet you're thinking) with everything we're doing for PDC.  We can track all the issues on a single whiteboard now (both Andy Oakley and Sean, who you'll have the opportunity to meet in LA, sit within overhearing distance) -- our part of the hallway seems to have a little more traffic now than it did before. 

Even though we've had some challenges, the atmosphere has remained (pretty much) calm and determined.  Everyone is working really hard, pitching in where they're needed. People seem tired, but the light, well, it almost seems like we're not in a tunnel any more ;-) In the last 24 hours, Duncan has pitched in at the last minute to crank out a top rate dev center and get it into test.  This earned him, well, I can't say because he hasn't gotten it yet, but a funny prize.  Well, I think it's funny. I wonder if he'll let me take a picture.  Tina also kicked butt in driving TONS of loose ends to resolution today.  And Denise really cranked and got a couple of quick turnaround projects into test.  Yesterday it was Reshma, who tested tirelessly and faced all obstacles with an incredibly positive attitude.  And the day before Kent, and the day before... Oops, I shouldn't have started this.  There are so many really great people at MSDN.  I'm really glad that I work here.  And there are a bunch of us (I think 19 people) are going to PDC, so track us down and tell us what you think about MSDN.  How do you think we can do better?  We're there to listen and learn.

Can't wait to meet you!