Tonight I'm skipping the PDC Attendee party at Universal Studios.  How could I even think of doing such a thing?  Frankly, I just need some alone time.  I'm over stimulated.  I know I'm not alone in this feeling, since G. Andrew Duthie told me today that he played Halo till the wee hours of the morning the other night for the same reason   So I'm sitting in my hotel room, processing everything that I've seen and heard this week, doing a little housekeeping on my 'puter, and listening to music (right now a very fine acoustic live rendition of Rain King).  I'm considering opening the bottle of wine that mom pressed on me as I was leaving her house on Sunday and taking a long hot bath.  Maybe even using this fizzy-ball-thing that Betsy left me when I couldn't be talked into going to the party.

I was planning to tend to my overflowing inbox, but that seemed way too much like work, so I decided to install Newsgator.  I've been intending to check it out for a while, but SharpReader was working fine, for the most part, and I just hadn't gotten around to it.  I wouldn't have gotten around to it tonight, either, because of the spotty wireless in the hotel, except that it turns out I'd gotten as far as downloading the trial, so there it was in my downloads directory. 

So now I've installed Newsgator and imported my subscriptions, and I'm giving it a look see.  I've just organized my subscriptions into folders, and I'm hoping that when the feeds get updated, Newsgator will find the right places even though I've rearranged it all.  OMG... I just had a terrible shock. Of course everything in all of my subscriptions came in as unread, but I still wasn't expecting to see this in my Favorite Folders:

Unread Mail (2979)

Yipes. <a little while later> Okay, down to a more reasonable number (957, but only 546 of those are in my inbox ;-).  I've done a little web browsing, and I love being able to right click on an XML link and add the subscription.  And now, to my bath.