We have a nuisance barker.  Zara. She drives us Crazy.  In our frustration, we had considered those shock collars, but they seem so inhumane. A couple weekends ago, a woman at the local pet store recommended a collar that sprayed citronella when the dog barks.  Frankly, I was skeptical, especially at $150, but it was guaranteed, so this weekend I took the plunge.  

Today, I am a believer.  I fully recommend the Premier Gentle Spray no bark collar -- it works amazingly well (once you get through the simple yet surprisingly complex instructions ;-)  Zara has only barked twice with it on.  Tonight she was bugging me because I had locked her princess butt out of the bedroom (carpet isn't good enough for her, or so she thinks, and she regularly abandons me for the bedroom). That annoying bark that says I want something from you and I'm going to keep at it till you give in.  I went and got the collar, put it on her, and after pacing for less than a minute, she settled down for a nap on the floor.  It's a beautiful thing!  And much more convenient (and effective) than the spray bottle.