Okay, apparently I dreamt that there was a BlogX WMP plugin and that I installed it.

As to what really happened, well, I'm not exactly sure.  Perhaps I've entered the twilight zone.  I recently started a personal blog, and now I'm feeling a little like I have multiple personalities. I'm not sure what I posted where, or even if I did post about something.

The new blog is Movable Type, so I've been reading and learning about that and playing with CSS.  Then I downloaded the Windows Media Player 9 Blog Plug-in, and at roughly the same time, the BlogX plugin for Newsgator.  So, I guess I got confused, but I'd swear that I saw somewhere about inserting some tags to enable the I'm listening to" functionality -- but I can't for the life of me find that again and even so, if it was tags, it would have been Movable Type.  Chalk it up to old age, I guess, or maybe this really is a land of both shadow and substance. 

But wait... I just pressed the [Insert song] button at the bottom of the BlogX client that I'm using and guess what?  There's the functionality I was looking for.  Song should be inserted at the bottom of this post. 

[Listening to: Come on with Me - Christopher Jak - Applause in the Rain (02:52)]