Exciting news here about the InfoPath 2003 SP-1 preview that you can download here

This Preview includes bug fixes and performance improvements to InfoPath 2003, in addition to a number of feature enhancements directly resulting from customer and partner feedback. The Preview is 100% compatible with existing InfoPath 2003 solutions. When developing new solutions with the Preview, you will have a choice to create forms fully compatible with InfoPath 2003 or forms that take advantage of the new feature enhancements, which include:

  • More control choices, including Master/Detail, File Attachment, Recursive Section, and Choice, as well as custom-authored controls..
  • Better schema support, including built-in support for schema changes.
  • Printing improvements, including page breaks, margins and print settings.
  • Improved e-mail deployment of sandboxed solutions and auto-updating of trusted solutions.
  • Better management and categorization of solutions.
  • Tablet PC support improvements.
  • Increased support for rules and roles for declarative business logic.
  • Enhanced XPath expression support, including calculations without writing script.
  • Additional data adaptors for email and SharePoint Products and Technologies lists.
  • Better support for custom migration plug-ins.
  • Enhanced Object Model (OM), including OnSave event, offline state, submit, and digital signatures.
  • Improved support for secondary data sources.
  • Additional support for business logic written in managed code (requires a separate download).
  • Enhanced OM for external automation and windowless mode for application-level calls.
  • Better support for ADO datasets and diffgrams to round-trip data changes.
  • Additional support for complex scripts, such as right-to-left and South Asian languages.
  • Enhanced support for digital signatures, including partial signatures, non-repudiation, co-signing, and counter-signing.
  • Improved stability and performance, including auto-save and data recovery.

There's more detail on the PressPass page.  There's also a VS Toolkit for InfoPath available.  And remember this is a preview release, so usual cautions apply!  Woo Hoo and Happy Monday!