If you're not a Microsoftie, you might be wondering what an SDE/T might be... it stands for Software Development Engineer/Test.  These are highly skilled and incredibly valuable testers who work hand-in-hand with development and pm throughout the product cycle.  SDE/T's might be writing code to test individual components (white box testing), developing an automation framework, or driving security, stress or performance test strategy. 

You know from my previous posts that I think that MSDN is a great place to work.  Here's what Korby had to say about Microsoft when he posted about an open position in his group:

Benefits of the job--of which I am no expert--include a generous living wage, truly upward mobility, a bus pass, a big empty office with all the ammenities, the requisite foosball table and free drinks, virtually unlimited personal professional development resources and gummies, a jaw-dropping god-I'm-lucky health plan, and the opportunity to work with some of the smartest computer geeks in the world... including me. If you send your resume today and eventually get hired, I'll even throw in a red Swingline stapler.

to which I say “ditto“.  Yes, even the red Swingline stapler :)  And imagine running into Duncan, Kent, Chris, Tim, Tommy, Shawn, Betsy and many other very cool folks in the halls every day!

Here's the link to the job description.  If you're interested, apply today through the regular system, but also send me a copy of your resume and I'll pass it on.

3/12/04 1:15pm pst Updated with correct job description link. Duh. Sorry for the confusion!