May, 2004

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    Tablet PC in Bed

    I don't know why it's Tablet PC day, it just is. I just popped over to Channel9, and there, featured prominently in the front page, was the headline “ The Tablet PC has changed my life (in bed) ”. (See what I mean? Tablet PC day.) The intro...
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    Tablet PC Developer Center launched

    I just noticed that we have another new Developer Center, just in time for Tech Ed! (Those of you who subscribe to the MSDN Just Published RSS Feed probably noticed some of the content for this new Dev Center go up last week.) Yesterday we launched the...
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    Well, I was going to post this photo and point to Betsy's blog post about the celebration, but it turns out it isn't there. She had a busy weekend, I know, so I'm sure she'll be telling us all about it soon. In the meantime, this is Betsy and Kevin (from...
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