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.NET Microframework (NETMF) Web Server source code available

.NET Microframework (NETMF) Web Server source code available

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So as I got lots of asks to get the code of my Web Server, I’ve decided to create a Codeplex project. You’ll find the source here:

It does include the following features:

  • Start, stop, Pause the Web Server
  • Creation of a Web Server on any port
  • Fully functional multithread Web Server supporting GET only
  • Downloading any file present on a SD (or any other physical storage)
  • A full function to get all the parameters of a URL

Examples of usage can be found on this blog. Working to publish a fully functional example.

Feedback welcome!

  • Hi Laurelle,

    I have two requests for ASP.NET Development Server.

    - When we use the partials or server-side includes (SSI), like shtml, in html source and run the project using The ASP.NET Development Server, it doesn't render the partial. Please consider this in your future efforts as I believe that what Mikhail said in 2009 here ( might be obsolete with the enhancement in intellisense. Intellisense is much richer and intelligent since 2009 or VS2008!

    - Let users access ASP.NET development server other than localhost. For example via LAN!! This is a very basic requirement in rapidly changing development environment. Here is what comminuty think about this issue

    Ease of access is one of Microsoft's charm but apparently developers are being pushed away to other options due to the lack of fundamentals. As a ruby on rails developer, I can run four kinds of webservers with three words in shell and the whole LAN can access the application. But as a ASP.NET developer, why can't the ASP.NET developer server extend this courtesy via VS GUI as well as the command line?

    I hope someone must be worried at Microsoft and doing something about it!

  • Please ask your question in the right forum. This place is for .NET Microframework. and the web server I have implemented is VERY far to a normal ASP.NET Web Server.

  • I have implemented your webserver code in my project.

    Receiving the requests is not a problem, I found it very exciting to be able to communicate with my NP2. So far the happy part. :) When I try to send a response to the request the NP2 doesn't show any exceptions but the controller sending the requests immediatly gets a Connection Closed Exception. So I can't receive an answer. Have you had any similar problems? Or any ideas as to why this occurs?

    Much appreciated!

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