Clouds & Hosters, French Way - by Laurent Bonnet [Microsoft France/Operators Channel]

solutions pour l’hébergement, solutions IaaS de type Hyper-V Cloud, déploiements applicatifs chez les hébergeurs, infogéreurs et opérateurs, avec également une perspective “coûts, licensing et retours sur investissements :-)

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  • Blog Post: How to start with the "Litware HR" SaaS Application

    There are 4 different links at that should help you decide "where to start", and the order that I used is: 1 - Watch the Sample Application Demo Walkthrough (video) - so I know the results 2 - View the SaaS Application Webcast (video) - so...
  • Blog Post: SaaS multi-tenant App published on Codeplex - good job GianPaolo & Team

    Being everyday asked by hosters to help them understand how they could climb the value chain with MS, I know that SaaS vision provided by Redmond is compelling. So far, implementations and directions from the "blank" page have been few, especially on the evangelization side, where "simple" is key...
  • Blog Post: Shared Hosting of ASP.Net 2.0 apps with Plesk 8.1

    We're in the process of accelerating creation of hosting packages for dynamic web sites running ASP.Net 2.0 (and optionally SQL Server 2005), and work with several hosters in France to make these packages really low-cost. Most of these hosters give provisioning tools for customers to create files...
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