March, 2009

  • ESE/ESENT Database Stuff

    Unsigned considered harmful

    (or is "xxx considered harmful" completely worn out as a meme?) I believe that, in general, people should avoid unsigned variables, even when dealing with quantities which should only be positive. I have three major problems with unsigned variables...
  • ESE/ESENT Database Stuff

    JET_COLUMNID scope

    A JET_COLUMNID identifies a column inside of a table (it is actually an index into an internal per-table array of column definition structures). The database meta-data provides a mapping from column name to columnid. The mapping of column names to columnids...
  • ESE/ESENT Database Stuff

    What does a failing Assert() mean?

    When an assert goes off what does it mean? In the codebases I work in, a failing assert doesn't always indicate that the code is about to fail. There actually are several conditions that we want to check with asserts. The first three are from Meyer...
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