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For the techies, Win7 and Win2008R2 boot from VHD

For the techies, Win7 and Win2008R2 boot from VHD

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So if you are technically minded and have a reasonably good machine and want to experiment with dual boot with Windows7 and Windows 2008 R2 Keith Combs posted a great note on how to do this. See the link here

What is really interesting about this, is that his walkthrough is done inside a Hyper-V VM. So a dual booting VM that has two operating systems each contained inside a virtual VHD file. 

But what is the interest for Dynamics demos. Well it means that you can dual boot your machine and run Hyper-V. This will be important if you want to use Hyper-V to host your demo VM. You don’t need to specifically use the boot from VHD feature to create a machine that dual boots the two operating systems but it does offer some nice management capabilities over the traditional way of setting up a machine for dual boot.

Hyper-V will be necessary when Windows 2008 R2 is release as we will move to that as the core OS for our demo VM and that is 64bit which requires Hyper-V.