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  • Blog Post: Customersource links for the new VMs

      I had a few questions about the links for the new demo VMs on Customersource. Refresh 4 Refresh 3.5
  • Blog Post: Using RunAs on the Demo VMs

      I’ve had a few people ask about using RunAs on the new demo V Ms Refresh 3.5 and Refresh 4. You will note under Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2 the menu options are a little different. Under Windows 2008 which is on the Refresh 3.5 Demo VM. When you right click on a program you will get the RunAs...
  • Blog Post: Refresh 3.5 – Configuring Desktop Profiles

      In the intro videos posted with the new demo VMs we pointed out that Refresh 4 is the VM we would recommend people moving to if you want the full demo experience configured. In the Refresh 3.5 demo VM we have only configured the desktop profile for the Admin. While all the regular contoso demo...
  • Blog Post: Refresh 3.5 AX Client Config.

      Now the partnersource links are running seems quite a lot of folks have got the VM down and up and running. I’ve had a question from a couple of people about the AX Client Config on the Refresh 3.5 image. Seems it didn’t get set back to the standard demo environment. So if you start up the VM...
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