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  • Blog Post: Microsoft account activity history feature is now online!

    I am breaking silence after a long pause. I have not had much information to share here as I have mostly worked on infrastructure services with no customer facing surface. Since 2011, I have been working in Microsoft account, the authentication service that powers most of Microsoft's services. Today...
  • Blog Post: TSA blog

    I just noticed that the TSA has started a blog to shed some light on the motivations for their security measures. The blog is here: .
  • Blog Post: Transition

    Yesterday was my last day of work in the SQL Server Security team. Next week, I will be joining the Cybersecurity and Systems Management Research Group in MSR ( ). It's been a great experience working in SQL Server and one of the best parts of that experience was...
  • Blog Post: Anonymous comments are now disabled

    Due to the large amount of spam comments that I received over the last weeks, I decided to disable anonymous comments.
  • Blog Post: Raul starts his blog...

    Some of you may already know Raul from the SQL Server Security forums. Raul has just started his blog at . His first post provides a detailed discussion of indexing encrypted data: .
  • Blog Post: A new blog link

    Here's a link to a new blog that a colleague has started: . The first entry is about the various levels of data protection in SQL Server 2005 and you can access it at: .
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