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May, 2006

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    Modifying the ProjectStatus Call

    I got an interensting question that I thought would be a good entry: I want to change the ProjectStatus method to display the name of the Project from the MSP_WEB_Projects table rather than the MS_Projects table because I want to get rid of the...
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    MSDN Web Cast Links for Project Server 2007

    If anyone wanted to watch the MSDN webcast on Project Server 2007 architecture that I gave the other day here is the replay link: MSDN Webcast: Architecture Overview of Office Project Server 2007 (Level 100) I would suggest then you follow that...
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    MSDN Webcast Questions

    I just finished my webcast and there were a couple of questions that I didn't fully answer. So I figured I'd post here, and maybe the inquisitor reads my blog :). Q: Microsoft will be releasing the Best Practices Analyzer for Project Server 2007. Will...
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    Create New Project From Template (2007)

    Finally code samples for Project Server 2007 J . When you are integrating an application to Project Server its common to create new projects on Project Server. These projects correspond to some process in your application. This could be from provisioning...
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