I took a long weekend and as I'm going through my email I ran across an interesting program called Develop Without Borders.  Below is a snippet from the email.  The only downside is it seems that Project isn't included as one of the base products to get credit for in your solution L (You have to have two base Office products in you solution, see the list here).  But there is SharePoint, Visual Studio Tools of Office and other Office products that play nicely with Project in a solution available.  As I read it you could develop a workflow solution with Visual Studio 2005 that hooks to Project Server ( Workflow and VS count) and get credit.


We've just launched a very cool contest that challenges developers around the world to design Office business applications that support non-profit organizations and encourages them to learn more about the 2007 Microsoft Office system at the same time.   

The contest is called
Develop without Borders.
 It was developed by Microsoft with support from HP and offers over $150,000 in prizes. 


Good luck if you enter.  It's a great opportunity to develop new skills and help some good causes.