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August, 2006

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    Getting Notes from Project Server 2007

    The inevitable follow on question to Getting Notes from Project Server 2003 when combined with Modifying RTF Notes is, “What about Project Server 2007?” In Modifying RTF Notes I said that the RTF Notes fields are read only in the PSI. The code I’m about...
  • Larry's Project Dev Blog

    Getting Notes from Project Server 2003

    I got an email asking about retrieving notes from a Project. Simple enough through the UI. But how about programmatically? And oh yeah, iin Project Sever 2003 and I want to do it server-side. After pondering this I came up with two possibilities, 1...
  • Larry's Project Dev Blog

    Enterprise Custom Fields from VBA

    I got an interesting question the other day. The poster wanted to access enterprise custom fields from VBA, not the PSI. After my recovery from someone not wanting to use the PSI and that I needed to write some VB (just kidding) I started to look for...
  • Larry's Project Dev Blog

    Publishing a Project

    A few months back I wrote about creating a project using PSI from a template. I got a question that said, great but how do I publish the project and create the WSS workspace? If this was Project Server 2003 it would take at least three posts to answer...
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