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December, 2006

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    Testing Columns in a DataSet

    I ran into a nasty little surprise the other day. I was writing some code to see if a Project has a WSS site associated with it. So here is the code that I’ve cut down for brevity: private string GetWSSSite( Guid projectGuid) { ProjectWS. ProjectDataSet...
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    Project Server 2007 SDK

    Sorry I missed posting that the Project Server 2007 SDK is now live... that's what happens you you take some vacation :). · SDK Download :
  • Larry's Project Dev Blog

    How do I Create a Project Server User?

    This post started with a pretty innocuous email that I thought had an innocuous answer too. But you know if I’m writing about it here, it got a little challenging. The question of the day is what is a Project Server User? A Project Server user is...
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